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Schalkwijk center


Schalkwijk centrum

 Shopping center Schalkwijk, 2016 

After many successful years a lot of major shopping centers are facing difficult times at the moment. Their shopping concept no longer meets nowadays needs. Shopping is more than ever a recreational activity and therefore should be very pleasurable.

Additional activities and various functions are becoming an integral part of shopping. Nevertheless declining amount of visitors worsen this situation even more as these places loose their function of a social meeting - with less visitors, more shops become vacant spinning the shopping center into a downward spiral.

To turn this process around Placemaking plus started to work on this shopping center as the placemaking project was initiated. 



March 2017 - ...


Few weeks ago we opened OnderDAK in Schalkwijk shopping center! Continuation of DAK project, OnderDAK invites people to enjoy indoor meeting point with multipurpose floor, stage, picknick tables and a lot more.


July - September 2016

An inspiring project in cooperation with the owners of Shopping Center Schalkwijk, the Shopkeepers Association, The City of Haarlem, Triple Threat Community, Dock Haarlem and more. A tremendous turn-around in one year; from space to place!

Tripple Threat POP-UP store

July 2016

Triple Threat started as a youth initiative Schalkwijk giving young people the opportunity to come into contact with their passion in an accesible way. The Triple Threat project consists of a large group of youngsters from Schalkwijk who volunteer for the benefit of the project, the neighborhood and district. 


The Triple Threat project began in 2009 and offers easily accessible activities in which the youth can get acquainted with the different elements of basketball, dance and lifestyle. Sport is hereby used as a means to enable young people and their passion (in this case sports) to get started. 

Triple Threat has become a great success and has now been able to reach thousands of people with different projects, events and workshops. The Triple Threat pop up store has been established in the centre of Schalkwijk.


February 2016

What once was a lively meeting and shopping area was not long ago a deserted area by the decline in visitor numbers. Many residents did not feel welcome at the mall and the empty plinths did not do the atmosphere in the mall any favors.

The owners and operators knew they needed to make a drastic change and at the end of 2015 they initiated a placemaking project. 

There have been many achievements since the placegame, but the greatest success of all is that everyone feels at home again in their shoppingcenter.

Full placegame report can be found here (in dutch language). 


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