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"The community is the expert, we are the tools"



Founder, President & Placemaker

I was born in 1949, and educated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I grew up in Amsterdam East, where I soon discovered the Borough's bustling street life, the Dapper Market and the Oosterpark. In 1967 I moved to Amsterdam New West and in 1970 further west to Brooklyn , New York, and two years later to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The following 25 years I spent working and living in Canada, The United Stated, and the Caribbean.

Some highlights included destination development for Nordair / Treasure Tours (owned by Canada's Inuit) , sponsorring for festivals in Canada's National Capital Ottawa, such as Winterlude, the Tulip Festival, and the National Capital Airshow. When stationed in the Hague for the Canadian Government I helped to bring Hollands famous ice skating Marathon (200 k's) Race of the Eleven Cities to Canada two times. When I returned to Europe I worked as Coordinator Street Commerce in Amsterdam.

In 2004, I met Fred Kent and Kathy Madden from the Project for Public Spaces ( and I fell hook, line and sinker for Placemaking with Communities, where the people in the neighbourhood and the users are the experts. I realized a.o. that People power markets. Currently I am a proud member of the Placemaking Leadership Council, as well as UN Habitat's Future of Places Community.

I believe that "the World is really going places!"

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President & Placemaker

After graduating at the Delft University of Technology I worked at a number of leading designfirms. In 2004 I joined the board of BFAS Architecture and Urbanism. BFAS Architecture and Urbanism is a designstudio located in the centre of Amsterdam. Translating an ideas into a creation and working together with people are my biggest strenghts.

In the summer of 2015 I realized the city beach Playground CS (Amsterdam) together with Peter. Afterwards this was the start of an intensive cooperation which resulted in Placemaking Plus. At Placemaking Plus we're working on high-profile projects whereby placamaking is as important as our Plus. De Plus differs per projects, sometimes it is a building or it can be an co-operation with unusual partners for example.

Beside my work at BFAS and Placemaking Plus I initiated some projects like: Archicare (a foundation researching housing for elderly), Bouwen in de Beurs (workshop with 600 children - awarded by the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, art and cultural education)

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Placemaker & Urbanist

I am a 26 year old Indian with an academic and professional background in Architecture and Urbanism. I graduated from Delft University of Technology in Urbanism in 2017 and became a part of placemaking plus to bring changes in the real world. I love being my own motivation and therefore want to practice meaningful urbanism around the globe. 

I have worked on placemaking and temporary urbanism projects academically and professionally for China, India and Europe. My graduation project #WomenSpatialActivism is an urban designer’s approach towards gender sensitive urban design in India through temporary urbanism & placemaking. 
Placemaking Plus gives me a platform to create a global network of placemaking, temporary urbanism and stakeholder engagement which makes collective communities and lovable neighborhoods.

On one hand, I believe good urban design of the real user’s requirements can really create a space into a place to be enjoyed, loved and cherished. On the other hand a well visualized and presentable design can ease down the realization on site and rectify the changes according to users suggestions.



Project Manager & Placemaker

Hi my name is Janneke van der Kroft and I live in Amsterdam since 2010.

March  2018 I started at Placemaking Plus, before that I had different jobs at a social housing company in Amsterdam (Eigen Haard). Here I was working on several beautiful projects in and around the city. Because of that I have quiet a big network in urban design.

Amsterdam for my is not only the place I live but also my hobby and playground. But I also like to wander around, meet people and play! I like to see how sometimes just little things or activities make connections between the people who live in a neighbourhood. The local level is the first level at which people like to get involved and should be able to participate. 

At the Amsterdam School of Real estate I did Marketanalyses, Urban development and project design. A few years ago I did a masterclass concept development at Neprom.

My special interests are: Mobility, zorgvraag, new livingconcept, and other innovations in urban development.



Linker and Placemaker Plus

Believing in possibilities and showing others that this makes basically anything possible, if you are just positive yourself and proactive in seeking solutions is the red thread in my life.

After being active for years in various roles in the insurance industry and the hotel sector I focus myself since four years entirely on connecting people, products, organizations, concepts and locations; at first mainly independently via temporary pop-ups and my own pop-up festival Popup Week and later in a more central position for big projects with empty office buildings, shopping centers or neighborhoods. "Connecting" and "inspiring others" is what a concentrate on. Only then we can achieve a sustainable positive result for everyone.

In line with my role as Placemaker I started in 2017 promoting cycling on wooden bicycles; not only because wood is more sustainable than steel and wooden bikes give bicyclist more comfort, but also because a wooden bike connects automatically sustainability, craft, nature, design, people, places and much more with each other. I addition I also manage several mobile social design installations (from a mobile hairdresser to a very special portable kitchen) which let the user connect easily with his or her natural and social environment.

For Placemaking Plus I am active as a placemaker and connector.

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Communication & Organization

Hi I am Josefine!

I grew up in Groningen where I completed my studies in International Communication. It was a  time in which I met with different cultures, did a study trip to China, studied and lived in Malta and Brussels.
My strength lies in nourishing collaborations by organizing communication moments. I find it fascinating and challenging to build a bridge between existing cultural differences. I take care of organizational and communication activities within PlacemakingPlus.

Interested in placemaking, I find the strength coming from the community for suitable solutions in public space. How to make a meeting place or location accessible, safe and playful differs per area in Placemaking Plus. The idea and approach of placemaking are made practical and visual by placegames that appeals to me.

In this time of constant change, also in living environments, it is important to work together on solutions. For me, that starts with listening to the other person and formulating common goals.




Great places have the power to create undying bonds between citizens of the city. My name is Bhavna Thyagarajan. I am 26 years old and originally from Chennai, India. I joined the Placemaking Plus team in April 2018 after having completed my masters in Landscape Architecture from TU Delft.

In my first year of studies, I explored many different fields within landscape architecture ranging from the design of gardens, ecosystems, urban landscapes and heritage landscapes. With my master thesis, I explored the concept of placemaking and tried bridging the gap between sociology and landscape architecture.

As a design student, I have always been intuitive and produced designs that have addressed social and environmental issues. My ultimate aim is to impact the world positively by creating inspiring, sustainable and robust environments that embrace both human and natural systems. I realized how important it is to create places for people. It is important to study and understand their needs while designing spaces.  In a world where we strive towards sustainability it is important for us to create places that people connect to, so that they will nurture the space as their own. Placemaking Plus is creating a platform for me to work towards these goals and to understand how placemaking in the real world works.