Park on the Machineweg


Placemaking Plus organized a Place Game on January 19th 2019 in the community center 't Middelpunt in Aalsmeer. It was commissioned by the municipality of Aalsmeer and hosted in collaboration with Green Park Aalsmeer, Schiphol Living Environment Foundation (SLS) and the landscape architects of ZUS. The main focus was on the area on the Machineweg located between the Aalsmeerderweg and the Hornweg. During the Place Game the following questions were central: How together with local residents can we transform the various places in the park on the Machineweg from livable to lovable? And how can all these places form a unit? The aim of the Place Game was to explore opportunities for this area. About 30 people involved, including entrepreneurs, local residents (young and old), local politicians, neighborhood representatives, members of the association and officials took part in the Place Game.

Machinepark Aalsmeer_quick win map-01.jpg

Place Game Report