Place Game

What is a Place Game?

A Place Game is a tool which helps the community to change their surroundings and help them make city making decisions. We at BFAS+ & PM+ use the Place Game in coalition with the local stakeholders and try to tie these stakeholders together. The Place Game is designed to bring out particular qualities of a place and the character or identity that the place possesses or needs in order to become a more lovable place. You can find more information on the Place Game here.


Place Game Invitation

A Place Game always starts with an invitation. The invitation is distributed physically to residents, entrepreneurs and concerned stakeholders, as well as a digital invitation is distributed through social media and e-mails.



We start the program with a brief explanation on what Placemaking is all about. Following this, someone - usually from the municipality and concerned parties - tell us why we would like to do this in a particular neighborhood. After this presentation we go outside in small groups and visit 10 different spots to make observations on what is good about it and what we can improve to make it a (more) pleasant place.


Walk and Discussions

After the walk outside to the 10 different locations all the participants come back and discuss quick wins, short term and long term ideas. Thereafter they come to some conclusions for the particular locations.


Place Game Tools

The flipovers, image map, space number form and the dot map help people decide the image of a place that they would like to be in. These tools help them to define the present situation of the place and give an impression of the kind of place they would like to be in.


Placemanagement Team

The interesting results are presented in groups and the Placemanagement Team is picked up among the interested people to help realize the results. This Placemanagement Team further takes responsibility of making the ideas turn into reality and consists of local stakeholders.The Placemanagement Team meets monthly to help realize the ideas for the neighborhood.


What can you expect after the Place Game?

Results of the Place Game are then converted to a report with critical analysis and a quick wins map. The report and the quick wins map guide the Placemaking process, indicating what needs to be done where. The quick wins are discussed first with the Placemanagement Team and then carried forward physically in the coalition with respective local partners. The community will come together to realize the short and long term ideas as discussed during the Place Game and subsequently in the Placemanagement Team-meeting. The Place Game is a tool that helps us involve the community in generating ideas to activate a space.