The Dapper Market is situated in the Borough of Amsterdam East. It has been an officially dedicated Market street since 1910 and it is held 6 days a week (Mon-/Saturdays). Products for sale reflect the diversity of the Dapper Neighbourhood : Moroccan, Dutch Antillean, Surinamese, and Turkish. The Oosterpark at the Dapperbuurt's southern edge was the first large park financed by the municipality of Amsterdam and it dates from 1891. The Tropen Museum at the north west corner of the park shows the history of the folks you run into on the market and in the neighbourhood. Around the Oosterpark one finds a number of neighbourhoods that originate from the late nineteenth century. These  neighbourhoods include De Indische Buurt and The Transvaalbuurt. Various urban renewal projects are under way to improve the living conditions in these neighbourhoods. At the same time a controversial project called the Doubling of Oosterpark is also well underway.

The project started off with placemaking in the park.