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Delflandplein is the center of the neighbourhood, but already for a while liveliness here is facing problems because of vacancy, decay of street furniture and loss of community events. Local inhabitants are looking forward for changes as they want to feel at home in their own neighbourhood. Placemaking Plus in cooperation with Ahold is working in bringing this square back to life. 


Ice Skating

Feb- Mar, 2018


It's time! Together with local entrepreneurs and local residents of the Delflandplein neighborhood, the Delflandplein in Amsterdam Nieuw-West will be completely transformed into a real ice rink with ‘koek and zopie’. The 'Delfland Droombaan’ is the special step of a series of placemaking initiatives to make the square flourish more and more.

The Droombaan coincides with the sporting whirl of the Olympic Winter games in South Korea. In mid-February 'our Amsterdam' job opens. The collaboration with the Kaskantine, the self-sufficient urban farm, completes the skating fun. Further programming such as skating lessons, curling and after-work skating will be announced as well.

The Ijsbaan is open from Thursday 15 February to Sunday 4 March and accessible to all ages. The Droombaan is also a dream come true for Placemaking Plus and serves as a platform for young people from the neighborhood looking for suitable work experience in the search of their dream job. The wish is that the Delfland Dreambaan will be a recurring event for the neighborhood.


Painting Day 

July 2017


On July 19, Placemaking Plus organized its first Painting Day, which is marking a beginning of placemaking process in the neighbourhood.

This day included multiple activities - painting posters, de straten schilderen, planting flowers, creating new urban furniture. Together with children from the Delflandplein neighborhood, we have filled the square with colorful works of art. We placed them on the fence to block the construction works from negatively affecting our square. Working together with municipality re-coloring of the artwork was also arranged and therefore the square got a better image - color of new bright indigo blue. Next to painting we also did some planting of new flowers and letting local businesses to ‘adopt’ them. It was beautiful to watch passers by to join us in this activity. We also invited a craftsman to help us create some new urban furniture and with a help of local kids new oversized picnic table was built. It serves not only as a new sitting place, but also as a meeting spot, because more than one group of people easily fit around it at the same time.  



Place Game

May, 2017

On behalf of Albert Heijn, Woonstichting De Key, Bouwbedrijf M.J. De Nijs en Zonen BV, Placemaking Plus held a Place Game on May 19, 2017 at the Delflandplein, Amsterdam New West, with the aim of exploring opportunities for this area. Through a Place Game we find out how people are watching their living environment and what activities they would like to see.

The ideas from Place Game Delflandplein focus mainly on the return of the livability, atmosphere and cosiness in the area.

The livelihoods in the area can be stimulated according to the participants by organizing more activities with entrepreneurs and residents,  a child friendly environment for young and old and an idea tent where residents and others come together to discuss their needs and set up neighborhood initiatives. In addition to organizing activities, participants would like to create meeting places, think of new food stores and kiosks. The vacant buildings and abundance of space on and around the Delflandplein offer sufficient opportunities for the development of new breeding grounds.

You can read a full record of the game below or download it.