Hondsrugweg, Amstel III


The Amstel III area undergoes a huge transformation by upgradation  from a monofunctional work area to a mixed use office, residential and student housing area. The change will take place through an extended duration and Placemaking Plus aims to support the place to be lovable in its transition. Execution of creative and wonderful short term and long term ideas collected from the place game will soon begin.


Pocket Gardens - Bloei en Groei


Place Game

April 2018

Commissioned by Wonam and the municipality of Amsterdam, Placemaking Plus organized a place game around the Hondsrugweg on the 19th of April. The prupose of the meeting was to explore opportunities for this area. At this meeting, short and long term ideas for Hondsrugweg were presented. 

Most of the ideas concentrated on making the place more lively by involving various entrepreneurs to organise more activities and events.

The participants discussed ideas such as placing benches, play equipment and mobile catering to make it a more attractive area in the short term. At the moment there are already buildings that are empty or temporarily uninhabited. These premises could also be used in other ways for Placemaking.

You can read a full record of the place game below or download it. 

Place game Report