JANE'S WALK AMSTERDAM - 22nd of June 2019

As part of We Make the City we are organizing this second Jane’s Walk.

Amsterdam is the city of cycling and full of lively streets and people. Based on the ideas of Jane Jacob and her principles, here at Placemaking Plus we work with a "Plus" that makes it possible to transform places from livable to lovable. During Jane's Walk 2019 we would like to visit the streets of Amsterdam and show you where you can communicate with the local population and have a conversation. Peter Groenendaal has been organizing Jane's Walks in Amsterdam for many years and he will do this again this year as a member of our Placemaking Plus team.

As Placemaking Plus we are passionate about Placemaking and hope you are or shall be as well. From Livable to Lovable, Placemaking Plus is a part of BFAS architecture + placemaking + urbanism which focuses on Placemaking. From a Place Game (a tool with which the community can easily evaluate a public space) with all stakeholders from the neighborhood, joint implementation of the Place Game results and Placemanagement Plans to the formation of Placemanagement Teams, we look into all the aspects of city making. Jane Jacob has rightly said that cities only have something to offer everyone, if they are made by everyone and we help everyone to create our Amsterdam together.

This year we will concentrate on the area of Marrineterrein. Along with the local stakeholders and our guide Peter Groenendaal we would walk around this area for one and a half hour. We plan to end at Hannekes Boom for drinks and networking. Join us!

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Date - Saturday 22nd of June 2019

Time - 11:00 - 14:00 hrs

Location - Up on the roof at NEMO

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