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On the other side of river, just In front of the city center of Arnhem lies Stadblokken - Meinerswijk area.

This vast area played a big role in history of Arnhem. Now this area can be create oportunity not only to develop it, but also to create new initiatives. 

There is a lot of demand for development in this area, therefore there have been many plans to adress new developments. In 2015 municipality of Arnhem developed a new plan, which included recreative cycling path system and let the nature grow undisturbed.   

Kondor Wessels Projecten together with Placemaking Plus organised Place Game when residents and other users of the area got a chance to share their ideas and insights. They were expressed in short term and long term results..


Place Game

April 2017

Commisioned by Kondor Wessels Projecten Place Game Stadblokken - Meinerswijk took place on 7th of April. We gathered people to envision future of this area and explore possible oportunities.

Around 40 people participated in the Place Game: owner of local businesses, shop holders, residents and officials. Short term interventions and long term strategies were created.

This approach of Place Game is a way to have a direct path from how ideas, emerging from locals themselves, can be transformed into physical reality. All participants have a chance to express their opinions and ideas. 

At the end of the Place Game Place Management Team is formed. It consists from participants who want to actively participate with implementation of the results of the Place Game and creation of better environment. They will work together to realize "quick wins" as well as look for bigger challenges to improve their environment.