Muziekplein, Terwijde

Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht

The Muziekplein is experienced as an area with many possibilities. It is centrally located and is therefore easily accessible by bike, on foot and by public transport. The accessibility of the area is therefore highly appreciated by residents and other users. On the other hand, Muziekplein currently has no clear function other than the dead parking space. Placemaking Plus along with the municipality of Utrecht, De Ridderhof School, Tiny Forest, The Outsiders and other placemakers, architects, urbanists and the residents take up the project to execute some of the wonderful ideas collected during the Place Game.


Place Game

On 13 December 2017 Placemaking Plus organized a Place Game on behalf of the municipality of Utrecht in the Muziekplein with the aim of exploring opportunities for this area. About 20 people were involved during the Place Game, including local entrepreneurs, local residents and placemakers.

The ideas from Place Game Muziekplein included placing benches and adding playgrounds for the kids. By starting with the implementation of the short-term ideas ('quick wins') such as placing benches, playgrounds and mobile catering, the square can become attractive in the short term according to the participants.

Short-term programming

The liveliness & loveliness in the environment can also be stimulated by organizing more activities with entrepreneurs and residents. For example, placing a stage on the Muziekplein and holding the annual Modderdag of IVN in the Waterwinpark are just two of the many ideas that have been put forward.

You can read a full record of the Place Game below or download it. 

Place Game Report