The station area in Nunspeet is central and forms a separation between the village of Nunspeet and the Veluwe nature reserve adjacent to it. The station area has lost part of its vivacity because the area has an unclear function. Neighborhood residents and entrepreneurs would like to see the change here. In cooperation with the municipality of Nunspeet and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Placemaking Plus has been challenged to make the station area an attractive place!


Place Game

September, 2017

For exploring the opportunities in the area of stationsplein in Nunspeet a placegame was organized by Placemakingplus in order to explore the area.

The Place Game was led by Placemaking Plus, based on Project's principles and methodology for Public Spaces. Around 20 people participated that are local entrepreneurs, shop owners, neighborhood residents and officials. The participants had several short-term improvement strategies and interventions with a few long term suggestions for the area. This approach gives a coordinated experiment and see what are the best ways to transform the ideas of the participants into a physical reality. The Place Game is the starting point of a learning process to improve the public space and to secure it for a longer period of time.

At the end of the Place Game there is a Place Management Team formed from the participants who are active and ready to start the results of the afternoon into reality. They will work together to realize the 'quick wins' and when that is successful, they can always find bigger challenges.

Place Game Report