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Training Placemaking

Training Placemaking

May 2018

In may 2018, Placemaking Plus conducted its first in house training session. The session consisted of an intensive two day course that built on participants’ knowledge of Placemaking concepts, and provided the tools to implement and manage individual projects. It was mainly geared towards professionals and students who had a general interest in Placemaking.

The goal of the course was to provide participants with creative ideas for implementation and management of placemaking projects. Over two days in a group of just under 20, we presented and discussed the definitions, concepts, methodologies, and implementations of placemaking and related projects, visited two different sites around Amsterdam to analyze public spaces using a range of our place analysis tools and techniques, learnt from experienced professionals, and networked with other Placemakers.

Speakers included individuals from organisations we have worked with on recent success stories.The topics range from first-hand experience implementing Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper projects, to the importance of forming the right coalitions.

Placemaking takes more skills than any one discipline can offer. Placemaking Plus remains dedicated to supporting the movement, growing the network, and sharing our experience and resources with Placemakers and allies everywhere. Click here to sign up for the next training session in November.